viernes, julio 23, 2004

I'm outta here 

A Pergamino, a visitar a Agus por unos días. Decí que no hay termas, como para purificar el espíritu y el cuerpo. Eh bueh, alcohol will do just as well. I need some time off. Off overthinking, off him, and him, of course. Off myself, actually. Off everything that implies worrying, constipating, crying and remorsing. Off regreting.

Hopefully, when I get back, things will be slightly different. Just enough to make me an almost-happy person. Come on, it can't be that hard, can it? It just takes a little effort and industrial amounts of well-mixed liquors.

Tonight's song: Seasons of wither - Aerosmith. Best served with: run like hell, motherfucker.

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